A downloadable game for Windows

Drenched encourages players to be creative with their character's extremely mobile move set.

The game is in very early development.  At this point we have a functional player character with enemies and other simple challenges to test game feel and make sure we have a strong foundation before building more.  

We are currently developing rogue-like features around this character.  These will include combat, platforming challenges, and some strategic meta-game elements that will keep subsequent playthroughs interesting.

There is a discussion board at the bottom of this page and people can report issues or discuss ideas there.   

Drenched is created by Frauds:

  • David Allen:  Team Lead, Audio Designer, Gameplay Designer
  • Henry Wheeler-Mackta:  Lead Programmer, Level Designer, Technical Artist
  • Bailey Sostek:  Systems Programming, Technical Artist
  • Laurie Mazza:  3D and 2D Artist

StatusIn development
AuthorsDavid Allen, Whackta, bayjose
Average sessionA few minutes


Drenched v1.03 212 MB
Version 2 Dec 31, 2017

Development log