Patch 1.02 Released

v1.02 Overview:

Pushed a small patch that focused on implementing music that had been written but not yet implemented.  3 pieces of BGM and a replacement for the placeholder menu music.  

Also, we added an option for 'First person mode' as we're likely going to change the game's perspective to that.  

Next big objective: Procedural level generation

All notes:

  • Audio
    • Shuffles between 3 pieces of background music during game play
    • New menu music
    • Adjusted volume levels of some sound effects
    • Added ambient rain
  • Gameplay
    • Added a toggle for First-Person mode in the 'Options' menu
    • Adjusted velocity at the end of an air dash


Drenched v1.03 212 MB
Version 2 Dec 31, 2017

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